Playtex presents
our different lines of Shapewear

Discover all of Playtex’s Shapewear collections. Whether for everyday or occasional wear, find the girdle to suit you that is both comfortable and invisible underneath clothes. A large selection of supportive and slimming underwear is available in all the essential colours: black, nude and white!

Perfect Silhouette

Discover our line of stomach flattening knickers
and waist cinching girdles

Effective shapewear at a low price? This is the promise offered by the Perfect Silhouette line with a wide range of supportive and comfortable underwear for everyday use.

Consisting of various sizes of girdles and shaping underwear: classic full briefs, invisible full briefs or even the high-waisted shaping girdle. These can be easily paired up with the Perfect Silhouette bras for a complete lingerie set! Available in white, black or nude.

  • Medium sculpting effect for everyday wear
  • Flat and flexible seams for invisibility
  • Soft and stretchy microfibre that will flatter each curve and give you freedom of movement
  • Super-flat waistband for ultimate comfort
  • Graphic style with the mix of opacity and transparency

Expert in Silhouette

Fall in love with the tummy flattening girdle, body or thigh slimming shorts

A complete new line of shapewear - the collection of shaping underwear is designed with feminine delicate floral lace that is invisible underneath even the most fitted outfits.

Discover the body, the High-Waisted Girdle, the full brief girdle or even the thigh slimming shorts - these pieces, available in black or nude, can be paired with any of our bras.

  • Soft and smooth microfibre for ultimate comfort
  • Medium sculpting effect for a slimmed-down figure
  • Smooth and flat waistband
  • Flat lace hems for perfect invisibility under your clothing

I Can't Believe It's a Girdle

Choose the slimming girdle and shaping all-in-one body

The I Can't Believe It’s A Girdle line consists of incredibly effective shapewear, allowing you to conceal any minor imperfections underneath even the most fitted of outfits. This range of shaping underwear, to be worn on special occasions, will give you a dream silhouette underneath your timeless little black dress! Discover this complete line, made from dense microfibre, with girdles and bodies in invisible white or beige.

  • Very sculpting. Traditional structure with visible stitching to flatter each curve
  • Light fabric for ultimate comfort
  • Smooth seams on the skin
  • Refined and feminine details (bow, embroidery)