Black bras

Dicover our black bras for a sexy look !

Black Bras for Playtex: A True Support at a Great Price

The collection of Playtex black bras is undoubtedly extensive and designed with you specifically in mind. As always we create comfortable, yet affordable offerings and extremely stylish items to suit your every needs and want from your underwear.

Our variety of styles and colours helps you choosing from : padded, non-wired, underwired and soft cup products which come in following ranges and styles : from a black lace bra to an embroidered bralette and beautiful floral designs.

Here at Playtex we are committed to ensuring that each offering of lingerie from our team is a perfect match to you. We achieve this for thousands of our happy customers by making available a large selection of products including : a large set of size choices, lingerie that is soft moulded or with underwire, sets with briefs of the same style and occasional underwear for specific situations i.e. a casual black underwired bra or a glamour-filled and modern alternative underwear for a special night out.

A Glamorous Playtex Design for You and Your Special Occasion

We know that all women out there have a preference when it comes to their choice in bralette and the matching briefs, so our ultimate collection will offer black lace bras with high straps for extra support alongside smoothing options for when you want the natural look.

Don't forget that we also have gorgeous white items for your light coloured day shirt and glamorous outfit for special occasions. Furthermore, throughout the year selected stock, including black underwired bras will be entered into our sale deals to give you the chance of enjoying our signature offerings at an affordable price.

Finding your perfect support is simple with Playtex !