Privacy Policy

Playtex; recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of users of the website (hereinafter "the Site") and is very committed to its security. Thus, access and use of the Site is subject to this privacy and data protection policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy") which governs how PW France e-commerce Europe SAS may collect, process and disclose any personal data that you may provide via the  Site.

Detailed below is our Privacy Policy and measures for the management of cookies. This is to inform you of your rights and allows you to learn more about the origin and use of navigational data processed in connection with your access to this Playtex;.eu  Site.

We may be subject to purchasing directly or indirectly through our service providers (such as communications agencies) of advertising space to promote our business and offers on other websites / applications or through advertising content (text, graphics , animations, videos, etc.) displayed on these sites / applications.

When visiting our website and viewing our advertising content, information relating to the navigation of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) may be stored in files called "cookies" installed on your device subject to the choices you have expressed regarding cookies and which you can change at any time.


PW France e-commerce Europe SAS is may collect personal data. Data is of a personal nature when we can identify a person directly or indirectly; it can consist of :

Information that you would have passed us by filling out a form online by registering or subscribing to services, promotions, games, responding to a survey or reporting a problem on the site;
Information that you would have sent us in any correspondence with PW France or any Group Company;
Information relating to the transactions you may make on the Site, in particular the purchase of Playtex; Products;
Information collected by cookies (upon your visits to the Site, including browsing the Site, your actions, pages viewed, frequency and access dates, etc ...) if, when combined with other information , it allows us to identify you.
The supply of your data is optional. You will be duly informed beforehand. If you decide to disclose personal information, the mandatory or optional nature of the fields to be filled will be clearly indicated.

If you do not wish to provide such data, PW France e-commerce Europe SAS may be unable to process your request, inin particular PW France e-commerce Europe SAS may be unable to process your order.

These data maybe used (i) for the purpose of managing the customer relationship and future sales if you checked the box provided for this purpose (ii) to process your order.

The personal data is intended for PW France and its staff. This data will not be disclosed to third parties involved in the processing of your order of Playtex; products (including banking institutions or delivery services). All staff and any third parties referred to above are subject to strict rules of confidentiality.

All such persons are subject to confidentiality and security undertakings and are required to respect the privacy of users and / or customers of the Site.

Futhermore, your personal data may be used for the purpose of securing future partners of PW France if you have duly notified of your acceptance of this.

Finally, in the event that PW France and / or any group company, or all or part of their assets are acquired by a third party, the list of users of the Site may be included in the transferred assets. Subject to the exceptions described below, PW France does not sell, rent, or make available to any third party whatsoever the personal data collected on the Site.


We may adapt offers and advertisements so that they may be targeted to you based on your data relating to the navigation of your device on our site or within sites or services published by third parties on which we issue cookies.

If upon your subscription or access to one of our services for which you supply us with your personal data for example your contact details, we may, subject to your choices, combine navigation data on your device and process cookies we issue with your personal data to send you, for example, pop ups or to display on your device personalised ads that are specifically targeted, you may be interested personally.

You may at any time ask us not to receive ads or pop ups tailored to the navigation data from your device, by contacting us directly for free, or using the unsubscribe link included in any email correspondence you may receive. Unless you make this request, you may continue to received ads that may not be suitable or targeted to your navigation of your device.


When you log on to our website , we may, subject to your choice, install various cookies in your device that allow us to recognize the browser on your device for the duration of the cookie session. Cookies we issue are used for the purposes described below during your visit to our site, subject to your choices made via your settings on your browser.

Cookies we issue enable us to:

Compile statistics such as volume of traffic and use of the various components of our Playtex;.eu website (visited sections and content, pages vistied), allowing us to enhance the value and usability of our services
Adapt the layout of our website and display preferences (display language, resolution, operating system, etc.) of your device when you visit our Site, depending on the hardware and software of your device.
Store information on a form that you filled on our website (subscription or access to your account) or to products, services or information you have selected on our website Playtex;.eu (subscribed services, content of shopping cart, etc.)
Allow you access to restricted or private areas on the our site, such as your account through identifiers or data that you may have previously provided
To implement security measures, such as when you are asked to log in again to a content or service after logged out after a certain period of time.


The issue and the use of cookies by third parties, are subject to the privacy policies of those third parties. We inform you of the purpose of cookies that we are aware of to allow you to make an informed choice about cookies.

Advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc.) in our advertising may contain cookies issued by third parties (google analytics) : for example either the advertiser concerned or a third party company of the advertiser (communication agency, audience measurement company, a provider of targeted advertising, etc.) may contain a cookie advertising content from an advertiser.

Cookies issued by third parties may allow them, during the cookie session to:

Count the number of times advertising content is displayed and delivered via our advertising space,
Identify and advertisements displayed, the number of users who clicked on each ad, allowing them to calculate and compile statistics
Recognize your device upon subsequent browsing of any other site or service on which these advertisers or third also emit these cookies and
Where appropriate, adapt these third party sites and services or advertisements they display.


Several options are available to manage cookies. Any settings that you can alter will likely change your Internet browsing and your conditions of access to certain services that require the use of Cookies.

You can choose at any time to express and modify your wishes regarding cookies, by the means described below.

You can set your browser so that cookies are stored on your device or on the contrary, they are rejected, either systematically or by the issuer. You can also set your browser so that the acceptance or rejection of cookies will be prompted frequently, before a cookie is likely to be stored in your device.

Cookie Consent

Saving a cookie in a device is essentially dependent upon to the choice of the user of the device which they can express and modify at any time free of charge through the choices offered to them by their browser.

If you have accepted in your browser that cookies may be saved on your device, cookies that may be integrated into the pages and content you view, can be stored temporarily in a dedicated area on your device. They will be readable only by the issuer.

Rejecting cookies

If you refuse to accept the saving of cookies in your device, or if you delete those previously saved or registered, you may be unable to benefit from a number of features that require cookies to navigate some areas of our site Playtex;.fr. This would occur if you tried to access our content or services that require a login or credentials. That would also be the case when we-or our providers- cannot recognize, for the purpose of technical compatibility, the type of browser you use your device, its default language and display or the country from which your device is connected Internet.

We may not be held liable or not responsible for the consequences related to impaired operation of our services due to the impossibility for us to record or read the cookies needed to operate which you have rejected or deleted.

If you do not want our advertising spaces to save cookies onto your device for advertising purposes, you can click this link to disable the cookie on your device and the advertising adaptation services on advertising spaces that we operate.

How to exercise your choice, depending on which browser you use?
For managing cookies and your choices, configuring each browser is different. It is described in the Help menu of your browser, which will let you know how to change your choices regarding cookies.

Internet Explorer TM :


Select the "Tools" menu (or "Tools"), then "Internet Options" (or "Internet Options").
Click on the "Privacy" tab (or "Confidentiality")
Select the desired level using the cursor or click on the "Advanced" button to customize your cookie management.
Firefox TM :


Select the "Tools"> "Preferences", then "Options" menu
Click on the "Privacy"
In "Keep Until", select "Use custom settings for history".
Set the mode cookie management as appropriate you
Safari TM :


In the top menu, select the "Edit" menu
From the dropdown menu, select "Preferences ..."
Select the "Security" icon
Make sure that in the "Accept Cookies" option "Always or Only from sites you navigate to" is checked to allow cookies
Chrome TM :


Select the "Options" menu> "Advanced Options"
Click on "Content settings" in the "Privacy"
Section "Cookies"
Opera TM :


Choose the "File"> "Preferences" menu
For the options offered by your navigation software and the terms of cookies stored on your device, as (s) browser (s) installed in your device, we also invite you to visit the "Your traces" section of the site CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés).

Note that this will not prevent the display of advertisements on your device. It will only block technologies that tailor advertisements to your navigation and your interests.

Consider your choices carefully n relation to cookies. If you delete all cookies stored on your device (via your browser), we-or our providers- will not know that you have selected this option.


If your device is used by several people or where a device has multiple browsers, we cannot ensure that the services and advertisements for your device correspond to your use of this device and not to that of another user of this device.

When sharing your device with other people it is your responsibility to configure your choices via your browser settings regarding cookies.

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