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Between support and feminity: how to choose your bra?

Between support and feminity :
how to choose your bra?

Today's bras are available in different styles and shapes, it's sometimes difficult to make a choice, you have to choose according to your tastes, your desires and your outfits of course, but it is also necessary to take into account your chest measurement and cup size. Not every style will suit your body shape. In addition, it is important to prioritise comfort, good support and to keep a feminine and natural shape. It is not always easy to tick all these boxes with one bra, but Playtex succeeds in offering you bras which combine unfailing comfort, practicality, exceptional support and elegance; and helps you choose according to your needs.

A comfortable bra :
a priority for today's active women.

Which woman has never suffered at one time or another from wearing an uncomfortable bra, which pinches the skin, whose straps won's stay up, which is too tight or too wide. Corset experts for nearly 80 years, Playtex has endeavoured to bring support, well-being and practicality to all the women, no matter what the shape or size of your breasts. Have a look at our support line and comfort bras to find the bra that fits you.

A comfortable bra: a priority for today’s active women.

Bra Styles for Every Shape

Medium Sized Busts

Medium Sized Busts

(B or C cup)

You are spoiled for choice! Try a balconette/plunge style, or our styles with perfectly molded cups like the spacer bra from the Flower Elegance line that gives a nice rounded effect to your breasts, natural and elegant. You can also bet on a model from our iconic line Cross Your Heart in microfiber for unrivalled softness.

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Generous Sized Busts

Generous Sized Busts

(D cup and larger)

At Playtex we think about all the women: most of our cocoon models adapt themselves to your shape no matter the size of your cup. Choose a full cup style that covers your breast well while re-centering your chest, which provides you with a lighter feeling and lasting comfort all-day long.

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