Invisible Elegance Lace Bra by Playtex

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Discover the invisible Lace Bra

Relaunched in 2019 with flatter, multi-elastic feminine lace that curves perfectly to your shape and remains entirely invisible underneath your clothes.

Invisible Elegance Lace Body

Invisible Elegance Lace Body

The body, an essential piece of the collection, has been redesigned in an ultra refined and elegant version. The Invisible Elegance Body offers femininity and comfort thanks to the delicate lace and flattening effect on the stomach. Crafted with extra flat lace, it remains invisible underneath all of your clothes.

Invisible Elegance Bra by Playtex

A Bra Innovative
Second-Skin Lace

The Invisible Elegance seamless bra is moulded from one single piece of lace to remain invisible under even the most tight-fitting outfits.

Invisible Elegance by Playtex

Invisible Elegance Lingerie Sets & Body