Balcony bras

Balcony bras

Discover all the Playtex balcony bras
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Feminine balcony bras

A balconette bra is one of the most glamorous pieces of lingerie, and is one that every women should have. This item lifts and shapes the breasts, enhancing your curves. This is a truly seductive piece. When you choose a Playtex balconette bra, you can be sure of high quality. Our collection has styles for every women. Colourful bras are available to add a little something, while our underwired give maximum comfort. The straps are easily adjustable to find your perfect fit.

Why choose Playtex?

Playtex underwear is available to fit and enhance any outfit, whether you are going to full glamour with a ballgown, wearing a simple shirt or anything in between. We offer a wide range of colours, including black, white, skin tone and the signature Playtex floral effect. This embroidered lace is simply beautiful, and is sure to fill you with confidence. It makes sense to choose a balcony bra in more than one colour, so you can enjoy maximum comfort in any outfit. That is why there is a whole selection to choose from with Playtex. Playtex have many years experience of designing and manufacturing bras. That is how we know what you want when it comes to lingerie. And we have something for everyone. The satin effect Elegant Curves range will enhance your curves, the Invisible Elegance range is designed to match any outfit and the Absolute Comfort selection provides unbeatable support, whatever your cup size. Our balcony bra range is beautifully delicate and feminine, and can be quickly paired with our range of briefs.