Lace Underwear

Discover our refined lace lingerie

Playtex Lace Underwear: Style for the Discerning Woman

The lace bras, briefs and undergarments offered by Playtex represent a unique combination of form and function. Unique body-shaping support systems guarantee superior levels of comfort while one-of-a-kind designs and patterns boast an amazing visual appeal. A satin effect and floral tones are two examples here. Many of these undergarments make the use of subtle hues while they are also available in colours such as black and white. As the cups on all Playtex bras are padded, women can expect these accessories to be just as perfect for the working day as they are for a night out on the town. As should be expected, nothing has been left to chance with this collection of underwear and bras.

A Lace Bra for Any Occasion

Due to the delicate nature of this lace underwear, it is able to be used in combination with any shirt or ensemble. It exudes the undeniable appeal of fine lingerie and much like the other products offered by Playtex, the sheer variety of sizes and styles cannot be overstated. Please note that it is always possible to pair this lace underwear with other items such as briefs and knickers. Hook-and-eye fasteners combined with a superior level of frontal support offered by this bralette will easily accommodate larger bust sizes. We should finally mention that there are many additional variants within our line of Playtex lace bras such as non-wired designs and other pieces which are on sale. This is only one example of the many items that can be found within the Cross Your Heart line of lingerie products. From everyday styles which are great for a busy lifestyle to those intended to accentuate the female body, the massive selection of garments has to be seen to be believed.