Support bras

Support bras

Discover our bras that offer optimum support

Give you support and comfort

No matter how quickly fashion changes from one season to another, there is one element of your wardrobe that should always adapt to the clothes you choose to wear, and that is a good quality support bra. As with any item in your lingerie collection, the ideal support bra should provide you with comfort and confidence to enhance your body shape, accentuate your bust and make you feel chic everyday, no matter what fashion trends you follow. Forever adaptable and always there for you when you need it, a support bra is the equivalent of a best friend that knows you better than you know yourself, meeting your every needs. As it discreetly slips under your shirt, giving your chest a feminine shape, the bra allows you to feel natural and move freely thanks to the adjustable straps.

Choose the model that fits your style

You can also choose the best model to suit your requirements, opting for an underwired model with moulded cups for increased support even on more voluptuous busts, or a non-wired bra for a more natural experience every day. Whether you opt for a wireless bra or the ever-popular underwired item, choosing the shape and technology are not the only options that a bra offers you, but also the fabrics that go into making it. Shopping for bras has never been more fun, with a wide selection of cotton models for a classic and comfortable look, microfibre that moulds onto your body for a discreet feel, or lace for a more refined and sexy result. A good support bra will never fall out of fashion so go ahead and fill your wardrobe with as many models as you like, they will always go with any new fashion trend.